Eco Friendly Quinceanera Invitations

Save the planet one invitation at a time with these eco friendly quinceanera invitations!

1.Recycled Paper

One option for an eco-friendly invitation is to use recycled paper. Nowadays you can find many recycled paper options that look like non-recycled invitations. Check these out:


Since every year more of our natural forests are being cut down for wood, finding a replacement for paper is a top priority to preserving nature’s beauty. Another option for eco friendly quinceanera invitations is using bamboo!

3. Cloth

Cloth invitations are a great option for eco friendly invitations as well! Plus, the cloth has a rustic appeal, perfect for a rustic quinceanera or western inspired quinceanera theme!


Burlap envelopes save trees too! Try this idea if you are planning a bohemian quinceanera!

5. Cotton Paper

Baked, organic, and handmade-all essential for an eco friendly quinceanera! Every boho chic’s dream…

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Quinceanera Invitations Trend: Save the Date

Ideally, your Quinceanera invitations should be sent two months in advance, however it would be nice to let your guests know at least the day of your celebration.

Your out-of-town guests will greatly appreciate such a gesture as they can plan way ahead their stay plus it will give your local guests plenty of time to get ready with the typical: saving money for their outfits, purchasing your gift and your tias can go on their usual pre-party diet LOL!

Get on the latest XV trend and before sending out your Quinceanera invitations, consider the next “Save the Date” options:


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Save the Date Sneak Peek

These friendly reminders could very well serve as a sneak peak of what your Quinceanera theme will be.

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Save the Date Tickets

Tickets give the idea of an exclusive VIP event, perfect for a Hollywood Theme Quinceanera or a Hawaiian Quinceanera.

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Save the Date Calendar

For your guests to carry it with them at all times!


Click on picture to purchase this from

Save the Date Magnets

Your guests can’t forget your day if they see it every day when they get something to eat.

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