Beach Ball Dessert Table from Elmo's Super Splash Birthday Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (6)

Lalalala lalalala Elmo’s World, Lalalala lalalala Elmo’s World, Elmo loves his goldfish, this Elmo’s Super Splash Birthday Party too, that’s Elmo’s World!

Coming at ya out of Coral Gables, FL by Laila Plant of One Inspired Party; this first birthday bash is packed with Sesame Street fun you won’t want to miss!

Some of which, includes:

  • Beach Ball + Sand Box Dessert Table
  • Sesame Street Birthday Cake
  • Oscar The Grouch Balloon Installation
  • Beach Ball Arch
  • Mini sesame Street Favor Jars
  • Crayon/Coloring Cookies
  • Elmo + Beach Ball Cake Pops
  • Elmo Buoy Backdrop
  • Sesame Street Light Post Sign
  • And more!

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