Are you having a court of honor for your Quince and you have no clue what comes first or the order of events?

Do not worry, this essential timeline will help you organize and plan ahead for your Quince court!

After deciding who your damas and/or chambelanes will be, make sure you don’t miss a step and stay on top of your Quince to-do list with this guide.

8 months’ prior

After deciding if you want a Quince court, start planning the following:

6 months’ prior

  • Start looking for their outfits!
  • Research or visit shops near you to get better deals for your court of honor.

4 months’ prior

  • Start dance rehearsals.
  • Have their suits and dresses ready to go.

2 months’ prior

  • Get started with surprise dances and the outfits you will be wearing for all the dances.
  • Pre-video or photoshoot prior to your Quince.

1 week before your Quince

  • Dance/ Entrance rehearsals at the venue.
  • Mass rehearsal for the ceremony.

Day of your Quince

  • Get ready for the big day!
  • Meet up on-time with the Quinceanera.
  • Attend the mass ceremony as rehearsed a week prior.
  • Get ready to pose at the photoshoot.
  • Show up at the venue and enjoy the party until it is time to perform!

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