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The 5 Most Common Problems About your Quinceanera theme

After deciding on the budget and booking your mass or venue date, choosing your Quinceanera theme is one of the most important things to do.

Some girls opt for a seasonal topic while others have known for years what their theme will be.


But what about mom? We’re sure she has a few ideas too!

Take a look at some of the issues that could arise after choosing your Quinceanera theme:

1) Going for a super original decor

We get it! You don’t want your party to be like everyone else’s but sometimes being too creative leads to not finding enough decoration for your party.

How to solve this?

Do research


Credit: Studio 15 Quinceañera Photography

2) Picking a popular theme

You will not have trouble finding everything you need! However, your theme won’t be original and sadly, comparisons between yours and other Quinceaneras may happen.

How to solve this?

Create a list of your Top 3 themes and find out who already had or will have a similar Quinceanera, go with the least popular one.

3) Convincing your parents

Parents tend to stick to tradition; the idea of a thematic fiesta might be a bit eccentric for them let alone a unique theme such as Dia de Muertos Quinceanera or Galaxy inspired.

How to solve this?

This one is tricky since your parents will most likely worry about your theme being too expensive. When talking to them, show them how your party in fact can save them money. Do your research and consider DIY decorations.


Credit: Studio 15 Quinceañera Photography

4) Choosing colors

Going for a specific tone or color combinations on top of a theme could complicate things in a bit.

How to solve this?

Stick to a palette of similar tones, for example:

Theme: vintage

Colors: white, champagne, gold

5) Not doing research

Take the time to look for trends or search for inspiration before deciding on a theme. Remember that seasonal themes tend to be less expensive and easier to plan.

But don’t let this keep you from choosing a unique theme. Just make sure to plan way ahead of time to get everything you need ready for your party.

How to solve this?

Check out our Decorations and Themes page, go on Pinterest and type in your ideas to see what comes out, ask those who have had a Quinceanera how their theme work for them or what they would have done differently.

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