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5 Ways to Get Madrinas and Padrinos

The Quinceanera tradition asks for the girl to pick family members to serve as her madrinas and padrinos.

Sometimes, the padrinos also serve as sponsors and help out the girl’s parents by paying for certain Quinceanera expenses such as the dress, the church, her shoes, the tiara, her rosary, jewelry and even entertainment.


Haven’t found yours? Check out these 5 ways you can find yourself some sponsors for your big day!

1)Ask Church Members

Start asking members of your church community to sponsor you. You might be surprised how many people actually want to help a young woman such as yourself.

2) Ask Your Baptism Godparents

The godparents who blessed you during your baptism should be more than happy to help you out as you continue you spiritual journey. As a matter of fact, they’re usually the ones that pay for the religious aspects of your ceremony.

3) Send Letters To Family Members

One of the best ways to find madrinas and padrinos is by creating a well worded letter and then sending it out to all of your extended family members.

4) Ask Close Family Friends

Surely your family has a few close friends who are involved in the church and would love to help you put together your birthday celebration.

5) Ask Your Mentors

Contrary to popular belief, padrinos and madrinas don’t necessarily have to be Catholic. If there’s anyone you are particularly close to outside of your family or church community, why not ask them to sponsor you too. They can be your coaches, teachers or anyone else you think will want to help you put together your quince.


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