A big chunk of your Quinceanera budget goes on to buying your Quince party favors which is why you should always stick to something that’s practical enough for everyone to like and not just go for a super expensive paper sculpture that will end up in the trash.


Practical Quinceanera favors are things your guests can use at the party like hand fans or after the party, like a mirror.

We guarantee your guests won’t be throwing away the next party favors:

4) Nail Polish Quince Favors


Of course these are for a baby shower, but you can adapt it to your Quince by ordering say tiara tags instead of onesies!

No need to buy one for each color of the rainbow. Go with the colors of your Quinceanera and give them the chance to select their favorite. Walgreens sometimes has 2x $1.


3) Chapstick XV Favors


Click on link for original image!

These come in handy during any season! And what better time to keep your lips hydrated than at a party, ready to snap a few selfies! The 99 Cent Store is your best bet and you can order personalized tags on Etsy.com


2) Hand sanitizer Quinceanera Favors

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Click on image for original picture

Nobody wants sticky hands, especially after dessert. Bath and Body Works has the best prices and scents!


1) Personalized Sunglasses 

Click to purchase set from Etsy.com!

A must-have accessory for everybody, plus will come in handy for all your guests are a pair of stylish sunglasses! Even celebrities are joining this fabulous trend.

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