8 mascarillas faciales que tienes que probar

8 mascarillas faciales que tienes que probar

Después de un largo día en la escuela o estudiando para los exámenes, todo lo que quieres hacer es desestresarte y relajarte. Una de las mejores maneras de hacerlo es colocarse una máscara facial suave. ¡Qué mejor manera de mimarte que cuidando tu piel! y que mejor que hacerlo con alguna de estas 8 mascarillas faciales que tienes que probar ¡Te van a encantar!

Leaders Insolution Detox and Chill Charcoal Purifying Mask

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This mask is really easy to use because it takes the work out of DIY facials—no sticky fingers needed. One use of this hydrating sheet mask leaves your skin feeling plumper and pumped up by morning!

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  1.  Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics 1,000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask

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Be as stunning as Helen of Troy with this green tea infused mask. Just 10 minutes of this mask will help detoxify your face and leave with a just-came-from-vacay-in-Mykonos glow.

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  1. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

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This seems to be one of the masks that friends and siblings swear by when it comes to cleaning out those pesky pores. This mask dries in an even layer and uses Amazonian white clay to help detoxify your skin by removing bacteria and dead skin cells.

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4.  Muddy Body Clay Masks

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These well-known, all natural, vegan, and cruelty free masks seem to be one of the go-to skin care products for a lot of people on social media! Known mainly for its ‘Detox masks’, Muddy Body has a combination of plenty more soothing facial masks that also, relaxes, refreshens, and cleans your skin!

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  1. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

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There’s a reason Insta influencers and fashionistas L-O-V-E this charcoal mask. The mask’s active ingredient zaps out dirt and debris from clogged pores, leaving your face looking so fresh and so clean, clean.

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  1. Sephora Collection Face Mask- Green Tea

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The best thing about sheet masks? You can take them with you wherever you go! So whether you are spending a weekend away for spring break, checking out the campus at your dream college or visiting your family in Latin America, this soothing green tea mask is a travel essential you’ll want to pack.

7. Glam Glow

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Literally glowing, Glam Glow masks are seen all through Instagram. Not only are they a good mask but also have exclusive glittery mask treatments! Who doesn’t love glitter right!?

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8. Youth to the People Age Prevention Superfood Mask

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As a teen, you thankfully don’t have to start worrying about fine lines for another decade or so, but this Superfood mask will leave your skin saying “thanks!” for starting early on the age prevention train. Think of it as a healthy salad for your face, with ingredients such as kale and spinach helping to preserve youthful skin.

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What’s your favorite face mask? Tell us in the comments below!

ideal quinceanera

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Types of False Lashes to Consider For Your Quince

Whether you enjoy a caked face or not, the day of your quinceanera is no excuse to have a bare face! Even if you go with a natural look, falsies are always a must-have to add on an extra touch to your look and pictures.

False lashes come in different sizes and designs, make sure to choose the most comforting, convenient, and appealing to you!


Individual Lashes

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The most natural looking falsies you can flaunt! Even though they’re only a one-day wear, they’re ideal for your quince, especially if you hardly or never wear make-up. Individuals can be custom styled any way and also easy to hide in between your actual eyelashes.


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If you enjoy the flirty look eyelashes give you, then extensions are for you! Eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks! Imagine waking up every morning without having to worry about applying any mascara on if you already have a full set of falsies!

Strip eyelashes

The typically worn lashes are the full on stripped lashes, these falsies are super easy to apply which make them so popular! Usually made from plastic, human hair, silk and mink as well.

  • Mink

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Click to purchase these fabulous mink lashes by Lashed Up Shelley Co.!

By far the trendiest, recommended, and preferred type of strip eyelashes are Mink. These lashes are better quality you can definitely reuse them a couple times. They’re also more adjustable when applying, and also look super flirty with such delicate detailing! Mink falsies are seen more for dramatic looks and make up lovers who enjoy having fluttery lashes.

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