10 Celebs Celebrating their BDay This Month!

Let’s find out who are the famous celebrities who’s birthday we’ll be celebrating in April!

If you’re a big fan of any of these celebrities, don’t forget to wish them a ‘Happy Birthday’ on social media.

Eddie Murphy

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April 3rd

This amazing comedian and actor among other expertise, is celebrating his birthday very soon! Starring in a lot of popular movies, his career shows nothing but pure success!

Robert Downey Jr.

April 4th

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Robert, A.K.A one of our favorite Marvel superheroes known as Iron Man, is in his 50’s! Will he be saving some lives or walking the red carpet? The world may never know…

Emma Watson

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April 15

From Paris, France and well-known from the Harry Potter franchise our beautiful Emma is now in her 20’s (believe it or not), and is still going at it! Now known as Princess Belle for many Beauty and the Beast fanatics.

Selena Quintanilla

April 16

selena q

Gone but NEVER forgotten, our beloved Selena is still a shining star, even after her tragic death. She’ll forever live within us with her ever-popular music!

Victoria Beckham

April 17

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A successful business woman, amazing mother, great wife, talented singer, model, and overall an inspiring woman who deserves all she has, is looking younger each year!

John Cena

April 23

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One of the most known wrestlers from WWE celebrates his birthday the same day as Gigi Hadid! Now in his 40’s the star is working really hard and getting ready to ‘Cockblock’.

Gigi Hadid

April 23

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One of our favorite Hadid model is soon to be 23! Gigi has been modeling since 2 years of age! Alongside her sister Bella Hadid, the Hadid sisters have been outstanding with their modeling careers! Props!

Alejandro Fernandez

April 24

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A living legend and one of the best Mexican singers, Alejandro Fernandez, son of Vicente Fernandez is celebrating his 47th birthday!

Channing Tatum

April 26

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Not only is he dreamy, good looking, and a great dancer but such a good actor as well! The movie star has had incredible amount of success in pretty much any movie he comes out in… LOL!

Kirsten Dunst

April 30

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This successful movie actress has stared in many movies including Jumanji, Spider Man, and Bring It On! Mostly known for her role in Spider-Man as she was “Mary Jane”.


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In case you have nothing to wear: 5 Fab V-day outfit ideas!

Have plans for Valentine’s day? But not sure what to wear? Not to worry, we have 5 fab valentine outfit ideas for every occasion, or style!

And well, even if you have no plans yet… celebrate the love you have for YOURSELF! But always make sure to look your best, who knows you could end up with a secret admirer… or two!


Perfect, for the casual, girly girl, or a casual date with your boo! Pair a feminine cozy sweater (like the pink one down below) with some nice and warm pants to kick back and relax! Who said you can’t look good while staying cozy?

Instagram Photo


First date with your crush? Another great V-day with your BAE? Make sure to look stunning with something like this cute 2-piece set, furry coat, and a glowing goddess highlight! But always remember: confidence is the best accessory!

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Love outfits that make a statement? …literally. Try a cute graphic top, or sweater with a statement, some nice hooped earrings and a statement necklace to finish up the look! celebrate this Valentine’s day with an edge.

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For a feminine daytime look, pair a nice coat with distressed boyfriend jeans or dark wash jeans. For a valentine feminine touch add some cute booties and a bold red lipstick (the color of love, of course!) If you want to add jewelry add dainty , delicate rings and necklaces. Now you’re ready for a brunch with your girls or family!

Instagram Photo


Outfit #5

Dance your little heart out, in a bold red dress and open-toe heels paired with a nice little handbag, and you’ll be sure to break necks!

Instagram Photo

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