Affordable Quinceanera Favors your Guests will Love

A big chunk of your Quinceanera budget goes on to buying your Quince party favors which is why you should always stick to something that’s practical enough for everyone to like and not just go for a super expensive paper sculpture that will end up in the trash.


Practical Quinceanera favors are things your guests can use at the party like hand fans or after the party, like a mirror.

We guarantee your guests won’t be throwing away the next party favors:

4) Nail Polish Quince Favors


Of course these are for a baby shower, but you can adapt it to your Quince by ordering say tiara tags instead of onesies!

No need to buy one for each color of the rainbow. Go with the colors of your Quinceanera and give them the chance to select their favorite. Walgreens sometimes has 2x $1.


3) Chapstick XV Favors


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These come in handy during any season! And what better time to keep your lips hydrated than at a party, ready to snap a few selfies! The 99 Cent Store is your best bet and you can order personalized tags on


2) Hand sanitizer Quinceanera Favors

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Nobody wants sticky hands, especially after dessert. Bath and Body Works has the best prices and scents!


1) Personalized Sunglasses 

Click to purchase set from!

A must-have accessory for everybody, plus will come in handy for all your guests are a pair of stylish sunglasses! Even celebrities are joining this fabulous trend.

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10 Popular Quince Colors Ideas for 2018 Your Mom Will Approve

Are you going for a new color scheme instead of choosing one of the typical Quince themes?

Well you’re just in time to see the color palettes that will win over your guests’ hearts with just one glance!

Switch up the game a little and plan the Quinceanera everybody will be talking about by choosing an eye-catching color combination.

Take a look at these color combos ideas we’ve gathered for the upcoming year!

A Maroon + Pink + Ivory Quinceanera

Bold and sweet colors meet to create a luxurious and romantic feel to your Quince. The perfect combination with popular feminine colors will give you the boost of confidence needed to dominate your party.

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Lavender and Charcoal Grey Decorated Quince

These color combinations are perfect to pull off a Rustic Quinceanera theme! Use natural flowers such as lavenders or lilacs for your bouquet and decorations.

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Navy Blue and Blush Pink XV Theme

Navy blue itself is a very royal color choice that can go perfect with a little touch of pink arrangements. Dazzled in a blue navy dress while your court of honor wears a lighter pink tone, the contrast will make you stand out.

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Denim Tones

Inspired by Ragazza’s Quinceanera dresses, denim combination is the new trend. If it doesn’t look bad on a beautiful gown, there’s no way it wouldn’t look good as your preferred color scheme to rock for your Quince.

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Dusty Blue and Light Pink

Perfect for a Vintage Quince, these trending ‘dusty’ colors will go perfect in an outdoor venue. Spring time is the ideal season to celebrate and embrace the tones, which by the way are taking over pastels.

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Wine + Beige

A Rustic yet luxurious Quince can only be done with such majestic color combination. The result is bold, just imagine how daring you’ll look in it!

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An Emerald + Gold Inspired Quince

The popular color of the year that only appeared for the Holiday season, has made it through the year and has ‘wowed’ anybody who comes across this color. Emerald is so elegant, it’ll be the perfect pair for goldish décor around your venue and on yourself.

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Greenery All Day- Everyday!

On an earthier note, a plain greenery Quinceanera is not only acceptable, but in fact one of the most popular themes forecasted for 2018. The only colors needed to achieve this boho theme are green and ivory. If you’re on a budget this theme cannot be more perfect as you can decorate with artificial plants all around your venue.

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Scarlet Red + Champagne

Luckily for you, red can be used for any season, plus it is such a romantic and eye-catching color your guests will be marveling by its beauty.  Decorate with red roses and use champagne as the secondary color.

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A Yellow and Grey Quince Fête

Use these colors for a modern décor approach and feel free to decorate with yellow roses and daisies. Add Mason jars with lemons as your centerpieces and accessorize in silver. The more yellow there is the brighter your venue will appear.

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Which color scheme will you be using as your Quince theme?


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5 Lavish Rose Gold Quinceanera Combinations

Forget silver and gold, a rose gold theme is the new go to for your Quinceanera!

Whether it’s your dress, cake or Quinceanera decorations, rose gold is sure to combine with any other color and theme you choose for your special occasion.

The rose gold obsession isn’t leaving anytime soon, girlies! Be sure to incorporate such feminine and beauty of color to show off the classy chica you are.

Just so you can get a better idea of how fabulous rose gold can be, take a look at the different shades you can use.

A Pink and Rose Gold Celebration 

Get some inspo with our fabulously pink gallery below:

Burgundy & Rose Gold Quinceanera

Stand out with eye-catching colors your guests won’t be able to resist. It’ll even look great as part of your makeup look.

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Navy Blue and a touch of Rose Gold XV

This blue and pink combo never looked so good!

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Grey and Rose Gold Quinceanera

A perfect match in the girly world.

Metallic Black and Rose Gold Quince

Have a dazzling night with the shades that will make your party look luxurious and dramatic!

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