The 10 Most Expensive Things About Having a Quinceanera

Having a Quinceanera is without a doubt expensive, whether you’re planning on inviting only 50 guests and using your backyard as venue to save up, it takes money to make it happen.

We have compiled a list of party planning estimates (based on California rates) for you and your parents to get an idea on what kind of budget you need in order to plan the Quinceanera of your dreams.

Take a look and figure out what type of Quince celebration you can afford without going bankrupt.


1) The Quince Venue & Mass


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Rental of space could be affected depending on additional services it includes such as catering, linens, decor, security, cleaning and sometimes even cutting the cake. Expect to pay at least $700 (just for the space) and up to $2,500 if not more for an outstanding venue with large capacity. Saturdays will always be the most expensive day.

Now if you’re having a Quinceanera mass, be prepare to “donate” between $250 to $600 dollars.

Saving Trick: Have your Quince on a weekday or Sunday and consider sharing your mass so you can split the cost with another Quinceanera.


2) Your Guest List

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Sure, your guest list can be composed of 100 guests however this does not mean you will order 100 invitations since those are mostly delivered per family rather than per individual. Do consider the number of people invited if aside from your invites you’re planning on sending “Save the Dates”.

Each guest you invite will cost you money whether it is due to invitations, sitting arrangements, dinner and cake servings, to mention a few.

Saving Trick: Plan a VIP Quinceanera with less guests


3) Catering Services


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If you’re having your Quince at a venue you may face the following: catering options included in your package or hiring an outside catering vendor. The cost depends on the cuisine style and the number of plates.

Venue catering options usually start at $30 and can go up to $60 per plate while an outside catering vendor might charge you between $8 and up to $25, again, depending on the menu. Food trucks are becoming popular and their rates vary.

Besides catering you could also consider a dessert table with cupcakes, macaroons and sweet treats, each piece ranges $1-$3.75 each.

Saving Trick: Do buffet style menu, consider your guest list and skip the dessert table


4) Your Beloved Quinceanera Dress!!!


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The price you pay for your Quince gown has a lot to do with the fabric, style and designer. Once a designer launched his/her latest collection expect the one prior to be less expensive. Dresses can start at $400 if purchase during clearance season or belong to a not-so-new collection, and can go up to $1500 or more, depending on the popularity of the designer.

Saving Trick: Purchase a used Quinceanera dress, check out our Quince FB Group!


5) Photo & Video

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The price varies according to the package you choose, it could be only digital photos, or digital plus number of prints and even video. This service ranges from $800 to $3,000.

Saving Trick: You can have someone take pictures for you although we can guarantee you they won’t look as great so pay a professional.


6) The Entertainment


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Here is where it gets a lot more interesting since it is up to your parents and you to decide.

When it comes to music, the obvious options are between:

  • A DJ who usually charges hourly or per event from as low as $180 and up to $500, more with lighting show and dance floor.
  • A Mariachi or banda, starting at $200 per hour (usually depends on the number of members)
  • A live band up to $700-$1500 for the night

A popular portion of the entertainment factor at most Quinceaneras seems to be the rental of a photo booth. This type of service charges according to the amount of hours and prints you want. They range between $500- $1500.

Saving Trick: DIY backdrop and photo props?


7) The Decorations & Party Planner Services


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If your budget allows for it, consider hiring a party coordinator but be ready to pay at least $150 for each hour he or she assists with your Quinceanera’s logistics. Another cost to keep in mind is the delivery charge some rental services add.

Did you know you can pay as low as $99 for a DIY backdrop (installation)? You can order it online! Party planning businesses who will come and do the setup the pick up after party could cost you up to $1000.

Balloons sculptures range between $75-$149 up to $500 for a whole setup while photo props cost between $10-$30 per piece.

Saving Trick: Try your best to differentiate which decorations you want vs the ones you actually need.


8) Your Quince Cake


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A Quinceanera cake can cost between $250 and $600, price is subject to change based on the number of guests. Buttercream tends to be less expensive than fondant, although fondant is not as popular this year (Looks great but does not taste as good as buttercream!).

An additional expense to consider when it comes to this matter, is the cake tasting which goes between $35-$50, three to five servings. Lastly, you will also pay for delivery, set up and even cutting which could sum up to $100, some venues offer this service, feel free to ask.

Saving Trick: Request a fake cake with a real top layer and buy 2 separate real cake sheets, keep them hidden in the kitchen prior to serving.  Once you take the typical cutting the cake picture take the fake cake back to the kitchen and serve your guests from the less expensive cake sheets.


9) The Invitations


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Traditional printed invitations go anywhere from $2.75 to $8 per invitation. Individual price depends on how detail the design is and whether you’re using a special fabric. has several artists offering instant digital designs which you can print and turn into invitations, the cost is $15 but you will have to pay the additional amount for prints and envelopes.

Saving Trick: Skip the traditional print invitations and go digital! Also, make sure to order them on time so you don’t have to pay extra for a faster service.


10) Your Quinceanera Hair & Makeup

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This is pretty much the most popular Quinceanera combo, we rarely ever hear of getting these separately. The usual rate is $130-$200 just for the birthday girl in question although hairstylist and makeup artists usually offer discount deals if you book for your whole court or maybe your mom and madrina.

Saving Trick: Read this article on how to save on your Quince hair & makeup!


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QUIZ: Should you have a quinceanera court?

Choosing whether or not you want a quinceanera court is a decision you need to think about thoroughly because you’ll be dealing with the same group of people for months and it may or may not be a good thing for someone who’s under a lot of party planning stress!


Before you begin selecting your court and possibly turning into quinzilla, take this quiz to find out if you have what it takes to run a quinceanera court smoothly.

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quinceanera court

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Quince Court of Honor Timeline of Events

Are you having a court of honor for your Quince and you have no clue what comes first or the order of events?

Do not worry, this essential timeline will help you organize and plan ahead for your Quince court!

After deciding who your damas and/or chambelanes will be, make sure you don’t miss a step and stay on top of your Quince to-do list with this guide.

8 months’ prior

After deciding if you want a Quince court, start planning the following:

6 months’ prior

  • Start looking for their outfits!
  • Research or visit shops near you to get better deals for your court of honor.

4 months’ prior

  • Start dance rehearsals.
  • Have their suits and dresses ready to go.

2 months’ prior

  • Get started with surprise dances and the outfits you will be wearing for all the dances.
  • Pre-video or photoshoot prior to your Quince.

1 week before your Quince

  • Dance/ Entrance rehearsals at the venue.
  • Mass rehearsal for the ceremony.

Day of your Quince

  • Get ready for the big day!
  • Meet up on-time with the Quinceanera.
  • Attend the mass ceremony as rehearsed a week prior.
  • Get ready to pose at the photoshoot.
  • Show up at the venue and enjoy the party until it is time to perform!

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10 Things You Must Know about Quince Padrinos and Madrinas

One Quinceanera tradition that has live through the years is asking someone to serve as Quince padrino or/and Quince madrina.

The adopted tradition has also been adapted to fit every girl’s needs, and there is nothing wrong with that, however, the meaning behind being a Quinceanera’s padrino and/or madrina has lost its meaning.

Nowadays, the Quinceanera’s godparents are refer to as sponsors, which is of terrible taste!

Want to know why? Then keep on reading and find out all there is to know about Quince godparents:

1) They are not obligated to pay for your party

A sponsor is a person that provides funds for a project carried out by another. Your Quince godparents are not sponsors, they are like a second set of parents who love and support you unconditionally. Asking someone for money for your party is of terrible taste and it should never be done.

2) You must choose them with help from your parents

Sometimes parents get ahead of themselves and they pick people who they have been friends with for years or who have the funds to sponsor your celebration but do not take you into consideration. They are to be your Quince padrino and Quince madrina, therefore it only makes sense for you to choose them along with your parents’ opinion.

3) They are entitled to have an opinion when it comes to your Quince

Just as your parents give you their two cents when it comes to selecting your Quinceanera dress or your theme, your padrino and madrina have the same right to share their opinion. Especially if they have offer to pay for either one of these.

4) Your Quince padrino can offer to help out financially

Again, they are not sponsors however if they offer to help out with something in your Quince, then it is completely different and it can most definitely be arranged.

5) Your madrina can purchase the traditional items needed for your Thanksgiving mass

The Quince godparents’ tradition states they are responsible for purchasing the items you will need during your mass as this is where they are named officially your padrino and madrina by church.

6) They do not have to be married to each other

Although Quinceaneras are most likely to choose a married couple as Quince godparents, nowadays some churches are more flexible and allow single padrinos and madrinas who come together in honor of the Quince girl in question. Check with your church first though….

7) You can have your baptism godfather and godmother as your Quince padrino and madrina

If you’re a lucky Quinceanera who has maintained a loving relationship with your baptism godparents, then what better occasion to thank them for being always there for you than asking them to be your padrino and madrina once again.

8) They don’t have to practice the same faith as you

Just as we mentioned on point number six that religious entities tend to be more flexible with this generation of Quinceaneras, they also respect the fact that some godparents will not necessarily be members of their congregation but, allow them to participate all because of you. Now this also depends on the religion they practice and if it allows them to serve as godparents.

9) They can color coordinate their outfits with your parents and court

You plan colors, fabrics and outfits for your damas and chambelanes and perfectly choose what your parents will wear. Your Quince godparents automatically become part of your coordinated posse so keep the posted on what type of outfit to look for.

10) They must love you very much!!

When debating on who to choose as padrino and madrina, think of what it will mean to them and make sure to give that honor to someone who will truly appreciate it.


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25 Quince Planning Gifs Every Quinceanera Will Find Funny and Relatable

We admit, planning a Quince is a roller coaster of mixed emotions.

If you are planning a Quince, then you can relate to any of these Gifs…

The face your dad makes when you tell him you want a Quinceanera.

The face your mom makes when you tell her you want a Quinceanera.

Cry Crying GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Your face when your parents agree to celebrate your 15th with a Quinceanera…

When you realize your Quince is only 12 months away

Every Quinceanera looking for a theme or color palette…

I Just Cant Decide Season 2 GIF by Portlandia - Find & Share on GIPHY

When someone throws shade at your Quince decorations…

Why Are You Here David Rose GIF by Schitt's Creek - Find & Share on GIPHY

Your face when your mom asks your primo if he wants to be your chambelan…

Justin Timberlake Judging You GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When you experience “dama drama“.

Bye GIF by Becky G - Find & Share on GIPHY

When your chambelanes are goofing around…

Get It Together GIF by Becky G - Find & Share on GIPHY

When your annoying relatives show up unannounced.

The face your tia makes when you tell her you don’t like the recuerditos she did for you.

Speechless Bethenny Frankel GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Your face when your mom asks if you did what she told you…

Comment Barry GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When somebody steps on your Quince dress

When things don’t look right…

When one of your chambelanes is trying to come up with an excuse…

When you link up with your Quince court

When your parents hype up your least favorite cousin…

When your mom decides your little sibling is riding in your limousine…

The face your choreographer makes when he looks at the dances…

When you see another girl try on the dress you want…

The face you make when you swear you saw your last doll move…

When your parents tell you to start prepping for your speech…

When you see your damas hanging out without you…

When your Tia starts criticizing your Quince decorations

When your mom asks you why you’re eating a lot…

Which Gif can you relate to the most?

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4 Reasons Not to Have a Quinceanera

Are you still on the verge of deciding whether you should have a Quince?

A Quince isn’t for every girl, we don’t blame you if you’re having some doubts. If having a big party is something you’re not interested in, consider celebrating your 15th birthday a different way!

Perhaps you can relate with any of the following scenarios…

1) You don’t actually want one

Here’s the scenario: your parents have the money to throw you a 15th anniversary celebration and your whole family is super excited for it. So excited in fact that they have forgotten to even ask what you want.  Which is a trip or a car. Again, in this scenario, money is not the issue so your Quince could be switched for a family trip, a Quinceanera cruise or even your first car.

What to do?

Do your research and grab some stats on the costs of your ideal birthday present. Then sit down and have a talk with your parents telling them what you would like instead of a Quinceanera and showing them how much your idea will be $$$.

2) You don’t have the money

It takes money to have a Quinceanera, no matter how small or big, we’re talking anywhere from $1,000 up to $25,000. If you were able to come up with that amount of money won’t you rather save it for say, college?

What to do?

Find an affordable way to celebrate your birthday! Not having a huge amount of money does not mean you can’t have fun and feel special. Host a girls-night-in at your house, visit a theme park, have dinner with your family at a restaurant but DO something!

3) Quinceaneras are not exactly your cup of tea

Believe it or not, being the center of attention is not for everyone and if there’s one thing for sure… all eyes will be on you the day of your Quinceanera. If the thought of being watched at all times for a whole day gives you chills perhaps it’s best to ditch the Quince planning ASAP!

What to do?

Let your parents know how you feel about it and together find the best way to celebrate this coming-of-age moment.

4) You’re having one ONLY to impress people

A Quinceanera should be celebrated with very important people. It is not meant to be taken as an opportunity of showing and bragging, specially to people who you don’t even talk you and will most likely stop seeing once the school year is over.

What to do?

Invite only those who have truly been there for you through thick and thin. Friends and family who deserve to be your Quinceanera guests and not just the girls and guys from school who don’t know your name but you wish (for some reason…) to be friends with.

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12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List

Your 12-month Quinceañera planning list



12 Months Before
  • Select potential godparents (contributing sponsors)
  • Plan on number of guests
  • Collect magazines and catalogs for ideas
  • Make a planning notebook
  • Choose theme and colors
  • Contact church priest (Determine parish requirements, book date)
  • Ask for referrals for photographers, caterers, DJ’s, invitation printers, flower shops and bakeries (for such services it is usually best to work with someone you were referred to)
  • Research possible event sites for availability and security measures they offer

Consider reading: “Questions to ask when booking your Quince mass”

11 Months Before
  • Discuss budget plans with potential godparents
  • Visit event sites
  • Meet with caterers for tasting
  • Select style of invitation’ style
  • Decide whether you will purchase your dress or have it custom-made.

Consider reading: “The Hunt for the Perfect Reception Hall: Search, Compare, and Save

10 Months Before
  • Select your Quince court (the number in the court is your decision, 7 couples are recommended.)
  • Select and book the following:
  • Bakery/cake
  • Caterer
  • Music provider (live band or DJ)
  • Photographer and video
  • Florist
  • Reserve event hall
  • Verify that church is available on event date and reserve
  • Order invitations
  • Select fashion designer if the dress will be custom-made
  • If you decided instead to purchase your dress, begin your search

Consider reading: “Are Your Quinceanera Invitations On Trend?”

9 Months Before
  • Visit fashion designer for formal dress selection
  • Meet with your Quince court to discuss their physical attire (after selecting yours)
  • Select accessories
  • Select shoes
  • Purchase party favors and decorations (these can even be created by your family)

Consider reading: “The 3 types of Quinceanera dresses you need to know”

6 Months Before

Consider reading: “Princess for a Day in Cinderella’s Carriage”

3 Months Before
  • Pick up invitations
  • Arrange rehearsal with court
  • Hair/makeup test-run

Consider reading: “Hunting for the perfect hairstylist for your Quince”

2 Months Before
  • Send out invitations
  • Verify details with your service providers
  • DJ and song list
  • Hair/Makeup
  • Final fitting for gown
  • Remind guests who have not responded (in order to avoid unnecessary expenses)

Consider any of these Quinceanera music playlists

1 Month Before
  • For a formal reception create seating chart
  • Write a speech or speeches (you may choose a poem for the church and a speech for the reception or vice-versa, or you may choose a song)
  • Ask your father or date of honor to write your speech
  • Verify final details with:
  • Florist
  • Bakery
  • Photographer
  • Priest or Pastor

Consider reading “10 Tips For The Perfect Quinceañera Toast

2 Weeks Before
  • Pick up gown
  • Perform hair/makeup test-runs
  • Avoid too many fatty foods, chocolates or other items that might keep your skin from looking its best
1 Week Before
  • Get plenty of rest and relaxation so you will look radiant on the day of your Quinceañera
  • Verify that you are not missing anything from your planning list
Day of the Celebration
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Hair and makeup appointment(s)
Day after Celebration App

Download our Planning app today!

Quince Planning Guide


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The 5 Most Common Problems About your Quinceanera theme

After deciding on the budget and booking your mass or venue date, choosing your Quinceanera theme is one of the most important things to do.

Some girls opt for a seasonal topic while others have known for years what their theme will be.


But what about mom? We’re sure she has a few ideas too!

Take a look at some of the issues that could arise after choosing your Quinceanera theme:

1) Going for a super original decor

We get it! You don’t want your party to be like everyone else’s but sometimes being too creative leads to not finding enough decoration for your party.

How to solve this?

Do research


Credit: Studio 15 Quinceañera Photography

2) Picking a popular theme

You will not have trouble finding everything you need! However, your theme won’t be original and sadly, comparisons between yours and other Quinceaneras may happen.

How to solve this?

Create a list of your Top 3 themes and find out who already had or will have a similar Quinceanera, go with the least popular one.

3) Convincing your parents

Parents tend to stick to tradition; the idea of a thematic fiesta might be a bit eccentric for them let alone a unique theme such as Dia de Muertos Quinceanera or Galaxy inspired.

How to solve this?

This one is tricky since your parents will most likely worry about your theme being too expensive. When talking to them, show them how your party in fact can save them money. Do your research and consider DIY decorations.


Credit: Studio 15 Quinceañera Photography

4) Choosing colors

Going for a specific tone or color combinations on top of a theme could complicate things in a bit.

How to solve this?

Stick to a palette of similar tones, for example:

Theme: vintage

Colors: white, champagne, gold

5) Not doing research

Take the time to look for trends or search for inspiration before deciding on a theme. Remember that seasonal themes tend to be less expensive and easier to plan.

But don’t let this keep you from choosing a unique theme. Just make sure to plan way ahead of time to get everything you need ready for your party.

How to solve this?

Check out our Decorations and Themes page, go on Pinterest and type in your ideas to see what comes out, ask those who have had a Quinceanera how their theme work for them or what they would have done differently.

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